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Thursday, September 18th 2003, 10:11am

Konqueror flash plugin

Hello, I wasn't really sure where to put this one, but here goes...

I'm having a problem getting Konqueror to recognize the flash plugin. I installed flashplayer.xpt and into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. They are are +rx to the world and the directory is in the konqueror scanning path for plugins.

Unfortunately, whenever I press scan for plugins, it doesn't find ANYTHING. The only thing that is listed is "Netscape Plugins" which doesn't really do anything as far as I can tell.

What on earth am I missing? I've googled for an hour and have found no solution. I've loaded Mozilla as well and it cannot find any plugins either, though it does find the Blackdown Java plugin that is in the same directory.




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Friday, September 19th 2003, 1:26am

make sure that /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins is listed in the dialogue box for scanning, otherwise it will not search in that location.


Friday, September 19th 2003, 10:40am

Yup, it's the first one there.....

The files are actually a bunch of soft links to various libraries around my filesystem, does KDE not like the links?