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Monday, September 8th 2003, 5:34pm

Konqueror & Access Rights

Hy Guys,

i've got a silly Problem with Konqueror. Each time i move a file from a linuxpartition to a FAT-Partition a Errormessage appears and tells me that Konqui cant keep the Accessrights of the file, and has to change it.
Ok, i know he's right with that, cause FAT wont support any Accessrights as ReiserFS does, but is their any way to supress this Errormessage?




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Monday, September 8th 2003, 11:10pm

Re: Konqueror & Access Rights

I don't think so because you would have to change the default move behaviour in konqueror. As far as I know there is no special case for FAT.

Other note: I had the same problem (It complained about the user/group) but with KDE 3.1.2 the warnings disappeared.
If you have KDE 3.1 try to update.