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Thursday, August 21st 2003, 3:37pm

Konqueror Proxy Port

I'm running FreeBSD w/KDE 3.1.2

My proxy port is not 8080. When I change the values in the proxy port they revert back to 8080 after I close the settings window. I have tried setting an environment variable (csh.cshrc, .shrc) http_proxy=. I'm not sure about the syntax (i.e. "set http_proxy=", or just "http_proxy="). What is the appropriate location for these variables? I am new to the KDE world, any help would be very much appreciated!
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Thursday, August 21st 2003, 6:52pm

Try manually editing .kde/share/config/kioslaverc

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Thursday, August 21st 2003, 6:58pm


Thank you for the info.

I did get my intranet to work. Here is how.

at the bsh prompt I typed....

setenv http_proxy

Then opened KDE cntl center and click the Preset Evn. Var. button.
Added "http_proxy" and clicked the verify button.

All is almost well now! Thanks again, I will take a look at your suggestion for future trouble shooting!
Security is everyone’s business, are you minding yours?