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Monday, May 19th 2003, 5:23pm

I need to restart Kmail to modify settings

After having modified some Settings-Configure in KMail, I need to stop and restart KMail before other modification(s) (otherwise, the settings window open and close immediately) .

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Tuesday, May 20th 2003, 1:51am

you could try editing the config files,

in ~/.kde/share/apps/ (i think this is the directory...)

but not entirely sure.

if it gets really bad, delete the config files -- but dont delete your mail, this should be kept in ~/Mail, by default, last time i checked.


Tuesday, May 20th 2003, 2:12pm

What distro are you using?
It sound like your config file might be corrupt.
Do what seb suggested, remove/rename ~/.kde3.x/share/config/kmailrc before you open kmail.
Note you will have to set it up from scratch again, including filters :( that is why I recommend renaming the file. You could alway just copy over the good parts again.


Tuesday, May 20th 2003, 3:09pm

Thanks for your advices, but 1)restarting after deleting config files or 2) reinstalling from nothing give the same bad result.

Not too annoying (when config is done, all work well) , but I would know if somebody has experienced this.

Using Kmail 1.5 with KDE 3.1 under Slackware 9.0


Tuesday, June 10th 2003, 5:27pm

I have the same problem as well...and i'm on the same specs too: Using Kmail 1.5 with KDE 3.1 under Slackware 9.0

I also cannot send email to it gives me the following:


Sending failed:
One of the recipients was not accepted.
The server responded: "unknown user <> "
The message will stay in the 'outbox' folder until you either fix the problem (e.g. a broken address) or remove the message from the 'outbox' folder.
Note: Other messages will also be blocked by this message, as long as it is in the 'outbox' folder
The following transport protocol was used:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Wednesday, June 11th 2003, 9:59am

Hi, if I may give you my opinion, I would do what Seb & JamesWilson suggested BUT before I do that I would make a copy of any file that you change before you change it. I.e. cp -v /path/filename
/path/filename.orig , as a DR and data protection specialist I would always say prevention is better than cure.
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Wednesday, June 11th 2003, 12:59pm


If you can send other emails and just is rejected then yahoo is blocking your address for some reason. (What a joke - Yahoo blocking anything...)
What is your email address set to under the identity you are using to send. Open Settings->Configure Kmail. Select identities. Edit the one you are using (Default?). Make sure you have a proper email address in the email box......


Friday, June 13th 2003, 4:12pm

JamesWilson: ah yes, thanks. I come to find out that my isp's mail.server was being blocked due to some spammer, so they had to change my account to another mail.server. And all along I thought it was coming from my side due to the message popping up so quickly. Thanks for the reply,

ruckus out...