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Thursday, May 29th 2003, 3:22pm

KPPP Permissions

Whenever a user starts KPPP he is asked for the root password. So this means do i have to give out the root password for every user who want to use KPPp. This is highly unacceptable. So what i have to do to set permissions for certain user to use KPPP.
Thanks In advance


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 5:57pm

I see the same logic applies to other part of KDE too. Seems that they have standardize on 'su' rather than 'sudo' which is admin configurable rather than this interactive prompting password which I agree with you, unacceptable.

Hope there is a way to configure KDE, need to read the manual and/or source code :wink:


Friday, May 30th 2003, 12:23pm

What Distro are you using?
with SuSe you don't have to give the root password, just give kppp suid root with chmod +s KDEDIR/bin/kppp and i can use kppp as user.

When does kppp ask voor a password?
If it doesn't when invoking kppp in Konsole, then probably the kmenu-entry of kppp contains a command like kdesu -c kppp . Remove the kdesu-option part to start kppp without root password.
Also make sure that kppp gets the suid root to get the right acces permissions for your modem device.

(this is considered as a security breach, that is why kde does not set suid root by default, and apperently some distro's choos to use kdesu in stead.
You can also create a seperate group for internetconnections, make kppp (and pppd) member of this group, and allow this group to acces your modem and the proper files. - for more details see kppp->help)

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Sunday, June 1st 2003, 9:22am

AFAIK RH uses indeed a script to start kdesu -c /sbin/kppp

Check if kppp exists in both /usr/bin/kppp and /usr/bin/kppp
If so, move /usr/bin/kppp out of the way (e.g. rename it to kppp~) , do a [code:1]
chmod +s /usr/sbin/kppp[/code:1] , and then link /usr/sbin/kppp with /usr/bin/kppp [code:1]
ln -s /usr/sbin/kppp /usr/bin/kppp [/code:1]
Now kppp should be working the way you want.

Help mee om KDE 3.5.5 in het Nederlands te vertalen