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Wednesday, May 7th 2003, 12:26am

Change KDE's Default Browser

I am trying to change the default browser KDE loads for any hyperlinks. I prefer using Mozilla over Konqueror for web browsing, but I will keep my reasons to myself to avoid starting a flamewar. I simply want to configure this setting to my preference, so please leave politics out. I have tried adjusting the file type association for .htm[l] files, but of course this won't work if I encounter links that do not have .htm[l] extentions. Is this possible?


Sunday, May 11th 2003, 11:24am

Dit you try to change the html mime type in kcontrol?
If you replace konqueror with Mozilla, then Mozilla should be used by KDE in stead of Konqueror.
Be aware that mozilla is rather picky when it comes to open proecesses etc.
Dunno if you should use special flags in your mime type configuration to get mozilla to actually work with kde.
Galeon and Opera are not a problem though.
Wit galeon, use Galeon %U

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Sunday, May 18th 2003, 3:40pm

I'm running Mandrake 9.0 and I've just installed Moz 1.3.1. As far as I can see the startup script should be in /usr/bin and is named, surprisingly enough, mozilla. KDE on mandrake is setup with an icon that executes the following command:

soundwrapper /usr/bin/mozilla %u