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Wednesday, May 7th 2003, 9:27am

Question about Web Shortcuts

I am trying to create a web shortcut for Here is what I have so far

Search provider name: Qwest Dex Directory
Search URI:\{city,"Broomfield"}&state=\{state,"Colorado"}&metro=\{metro, "true"}&hdg_val=&heading=\{cat,""}&name=\{@}

URI Shortcuts: dex

Everything works fine until I try to specify a city, state or catagory that is more than one word. I've tried adding quotes (both single and double) to group the words but that doesn't work (quotes get put into the url). How would you allow for multi-word citys/states?



Sunday, May 11th 2003, 2:38pm


I tried your shortcut in konqueror, and it works fine over here. No problems with multiple words.

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