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Thursday, December 2nd 2004, 9:57pm

A lot of errors (FC3)

I've got a lot of problems with FC3. First one being aRtsd being laggy. Apps that use aRts always make sounds about half a second after they should. For example, when I grab a coin in SuperTux, I can hear it half a second later. It's very annoying. I've got a SBLive 5.1, but I only got a standard dual speaker set. Apps that use ALSA or OSS out of the box work perfectly.
The next problem is Kicker having white spots.
I've customized my kicker a lot. Take a look:
You can see the empty white spot in the tray, plus the white areas around GAIM and the update notifier.
Next is that when I mount a CD, often I can't unmount it. Plus, when I used Mandrake, when I entered a CD, it I gotta do it manually. I want it to automount, and automatically eject when I press the eject button on the DVD drive.
Next, after having problems installing nVIDIA's drivers, I can't get ANY screensavers to work. I mean, I can play GTA Vice City under CVSCedega, but I can't se ANY screensaver. OpenGL or not. When I preview them, I can see them...yet when they're supposed to load, all I see is a blank black screen.
Also, when I used Mandrake, I had a cool window decoration style I can't find in FC3, nor do I remember it's name. Here's an old screenshot of it.
If anyone could help me with these issues, I'd be very grateful. - The Linux P2P Portal


Friday, December 3rd 2004, 8:10pm

Please help me here guys...
I also forgot a few problems. If anyone can help me at least with one problem, I'd be grateful. I have a 3 axis 4 button joystick by Dexxa. I don't know how to install it. Also, I have a Chicony Twinklecam webcam and a Polaroid PDC 330 digital cam. Can anyone help me with drivers for any of them?
And the last one I got today after running apt-get upgrade I installed a newer version of Xorg. After that, the graphics on GTA: Vice City under CVSCedega got totally twisted. :?
Any ideas people? I got a lot of problems to solve. :( - The Linux P2P Portal