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Friday, January 30th 2004, 9:04pm

SBLive! in KDE...

Not sure where to put this, but multimedia seemed like a good place, since it involves sound.

First, I've searched these boards for all posts with the keyword "sound" and it seems a lot of people have problems with sound in KDE. I tried most of the things suggested, nothing worked. So I did look for help myself before making a post :)

I've had Linux installed for about a week now, distro Mandrake 9.2, using KDE 3.1.3. I have a Creative Labs SBLive! soundcard installed, and am unable to get KDE to play any sort of sound at all. I do have the correct driver for the card installed (the emu10k1 driver).

Once I got XMMS installed I was able to get it to play my MP3's, but I had to specify that it should use the emu10k1 driver, with OSS. Telling it to use aRts did two things. First, it took away my choice of what device and driver to use, and second, it failed to give me any music. KsCD will also play my music CD's. But nothing else in KDE will play sound.

I've tried configuring KDE's sound using the KDE Control Module's Sound System (also found under 'Configuration' in the little menu thinger in the corner...), but to no luck. No sound when I press the test sound button.

I've tested and played with the settings both as root and a regular user, so I don't think its a matter of permissions on my sound device.

So, to my questions...

#1. Is the aRTs soundserver (KDE's sound system, from what I understand) compatible with an SBLive! card and the emu10k1 driver?

#2. If the answer to #1 is yes, how do I configure aRTs to use that card and driver?

My ICQ # is 86428337, if anyone knows whats wrong or needs more information about my system to help. Or just post here if thats quicker for you. Any help is much appreciated.



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Monday, February 2nd 2004, 4:56pm

Yes SB is compatible with arts but arts can be a nuisance eg it gets in the way of things like using Audacity to record audio files.

Best is to set arts to suspend itself if inactive, but in KDE314/SuSE9 it would not - dont know why, so I disabled it from the Control centre.
Type 'artsshell status' (without ' ) in a console. If nothing is running it should say 'suspended'.

I always use Kamix for controlling when I use XMMS or Kscd - in fact, most of their controls seem to be inactive. You will certainly need Kamix if you are recording.


Friday, February 6th 2004, 5:21pm

It's not so much interested in recording audio as I am in just getting arts to spit out some sound. I was told that KDE does have desktop sounds, like windows. And then there are the programs (ie, gaim), that use arts for their sound. It'd be nice if I could hear those sounds :P

I'm not sure what kamix is, I have a volume control thing sitting in the taskbar called Kmix. It does nothing.

And I just checked, arts is suspended. What is the signifigance of that, exactly? Obviously, it won't play sound if suspended, or so I assume. Unfortunatly, I can't un-suspend it either.


Monday, February 16th 2004, 7:16pm

sound problems

I also installed Mandrake 9.2 (last night) was pretty happy with install then when checking out the system I see I ahve no sounds same problem as posted by Warped, I have been searching for a solution or assistance.
I checked lsmod to make sure it laoded and it appears to have the emu10k1 driver as well, I have a creative Soundblaster Live Value Digital card as well ,
any sugguestions would be appreciated. thank you
rmul1966 :)


Friday, February 27th 2004, 12:20am


Silly question - but have you checked your volume levels in KMix?

I had a problem where I was getting no sound in KDE and my volume in KMix was set to zero.



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Wednesday, March 3rd 2004, 3:12am

I have had this problem for months - no solution yet that I have seen. :(

(And yes, I know that KMix wants to set audio levels to 'Mute' by default. Fiddling with that didn't help, either.)
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Saturday, March 6th 2004, 5:31pm

Well, I did end up getting it to work, though it was an accident. I ended up reformatting, and reinstalling Mandrake 9.2. I had installed an extra hard drive, and wanted to change my partitions around a bit. So, while I was in the bios setting up the new hd, I disabled the onboard sound card. I think that was the problem, it was confused with an onboard card and the pci SBLive. Once mandrake was reinstalled, I noticed on boot that it says something about loading alsa..... [OK]. It may have said that before, but its the first time I noticed. So, once I logged in, I spent more time trying to get sound working. I changed arts from Autodetect to use Alsa, and still no sound. Turned up Kmix, and i now have sound, yay!

Next task.... getting sound in WineX heh.



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Monday, March 22nd 2004, 9:01pm

Heh. You beat me to it by a little bit. ;) I also found that I had to disable the onboard sound in the bios. That got my SBLive card to be correctly used. But then I found I had a *feedback*-like noise coming from the speakers, constantly. I was able to get that cleared up when I went to aumix and disabled the mic input (I don't even have a mic plugged in!).

So one more possible solution to people with SBLive problems. :)
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Wednesday, March 24th 2004, 10:47pm

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