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Friday, March 19th 2004, 2:45am

k3b ogg vorbis crash

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem. I want to burn a cd from some ogg vorbis files I created myself. But when I add a whole bunch at one time, k3b just crashes and goes into some infinite spin and takes up 90+% of the cpu. I can add the ogg files one at a time and then burn it, and it works fine. (btw, I was having trouble at first where it wouldn't burn, but apparently I simply had too many megs on the image, but it didn't give me that error, anyway)

I have 0.11.6 installed, on Gentoo Linux kernel 2.6.3 (gentoo patches) KDE 3.2.1. I don't have debug symbols compiled in, but I'm about to recompile with them and send in a bug report or something.

Just wanted to see if anyone has seen this, and if there is a reason for it.



Saturday, March 20th 2004, 8:11pm

Now that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen... I re-compiled with debugging on, and I couldn't reproduce the crash. Guess I'll leave it with the debugging in and it won't bother me. :D