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Thursday, February 5th 2004, 3:07pm

arstd cpu usage

hi everybody,
i have a problem with artsd cpu usage and i haven't found anywhere a direct solution for it (neither with google or this forum, but maybe I didn't searched thoroughly though)
the CPU is an athlon xp 2400+
512 MB RAM
i have a nForce2 and i use the onboard audio codec
i have kernel 2.6.1 thus i use alsa drivers (intel8x0)
and i just compiled KDE 3.2 on my Fedora Core 1, i did not had this problems with the previous version which was 3.1.4 but from the Fedora distribution.
gcc version 3.3.2
so i compiled arts 1.2.0 with
./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-debug --enable-final --with-alsa
and maked with
and later again with
make LDFLAGS=-pthread
i even installed the binaries available for Fedora for arts and arts-devel
the cpu usage is simply killing me.. it's all the time above 30% even when there is no sound event
esd on the other hand behaves normaly and there are no problems if i use xmms with esd output (0.5% usage), if i use arts output it crashes
if i use juk to play anything it goes over 50% usage
if i push "test sound" in control center goes over 50% usage
i know there were problems before with arts and you had to disable Full Duplex with some soundcards and to play around with the buffers (i don't remember exactly what the number of fragments and of bytes, but now i tried quite all combinations, but if i drop the buffers to the low end i get bad sound quality and if i put it high end it eats more cpu ~70%)
nothing still high cpu usage
does anyone have any idea what's going on?
any hints? new clues? because I am running out.. and arts is starting to get on my nerves ;)
thanks in advance for any help


Thursday, February 5th 2004, 3:21pm


damned funny thing...
i just set up artsd to play via esd.. (in control center\Sound & multimedia\sound system in the hardware tab i chose Enlightened Sound Damon at the Select Audio Device) and what do you know
IT DOES NOT GO OVER 1% with xmms started and playing with desktop environment sound events and with "test sound" in the same time
and the buffers are at 13 fragments at 4096 bytes and the full duplex set
i still don't know where the problem resides
but this is damned stupid
to run a sound daemon and make it play through another sound daemon!!
hey.. why KDE developers don't just use esd.. it seems to be better then artsd