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Monday, October 4th 2004, 10:16pm

KDE hmmmmmmmmmm

Hi all,
really nice post.
for me and my language KDE is the best for all but, i notice that:

1- KDE center is Frame based Oriantaion !!! Oppps that's indeed is not good, at lease not as a primary Choice, the first place i would go to if i were new to the center. frame based control center is not good choice.

2- this is not belong the KDE only but the GNU only why toolz and progz came with a very complicated name, i find most of the tool came with very strange names make the hole linux itself become unorganized ! why the GPL Gnu law didn't say something about names law.

is this aname (crushLPIxp4000 ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why names not easy not simple !!!


Linux... Mounts the future...


Sunday, November 21st 2004, 1:11pm

Theme Support

KDe Control center does need to be cleaned up.....a lot! However it still does a good job. What is needed sooner, rather than latter, is a theme for sounds. The new theme manager is excellent, how about addding sound themes to it?






Sunday, November 21st 2004, 6:42pm

Topic is out of date!!!

Please create a new one with lines to KDE 3.3!


Thursday, December 22nd 2005, 5:22am

I like the KDE controll center. if anything please dont totally redo it.

if you must do something make it more modular and maybe themeable. let people put certain parts and aspects where they want. change the order of the listed items.


Monday, January 23rd 2006, 9:48pm

the kcontrol center by itself is quite good, the only thing that I can't stand is having a "settings" menu entry in the k-menu where all those apps "which would not fit anywhere else" are placed... this is very inconsistent, and confusing... I also think that keeping administrative tasks from user preferences would ge a good thing, just like gnome does... actually, that's the only decent thing gnome does :) besides, i've just got back to kde after a looooong time and man am i loving it, kde 3.5 in debian sid is drop dead gorgeous!

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Monday, April 9th 2007, 7:59am

RE: Do you like the actual KDE Controlcenter??? (vote)

I think that the KDE Control Centre could be improved apon. Linux Programmer the thing that bugs me most is that it isn't intuative enough and that it you need to have an other control centre such as YAST to do the real linux stuff. It would be cool if KDE Control Centre could do some of the more lower level stuff rather than just to change the wallpaper etc...

Currently, i'm creating my own distro of linux based on the linux from scratch materials and am looking into how to make it simple to use. I find in a lot of linux distros, you need to use more than one tool to do a single task. IF KDE had a nice centralised control centre that did everything you needed - from ldap management to system configuration tools then it would be fantastic.

Alot of control panels need a better interface, with better QT controls that made it easy and pretty to work with.



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Friday, November 23rd 2007, 7:24pm

Try kcontroledit to reorganize kcontrol

This won't solve many of the above mentioned problems but it could help in some. kcontroledit allows you to reorganize the grouping of kcontrol, with a gui similar to kmenuedit. You could come up with your own hierarchy. If you feel one control module should be divided into two, each residing in different parts of the hierarchy, you can just add it to both. Not elegant, but at least you could find what you're after.


Source code

kcmshell --list
to get a list of all the control modules, or just look at the commands called when editing kcontrol using kcontroledit.

Hope this helps.