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Saturday, June 5th 2004, 1:45pm

KDE Help Center missing 'Search' function

Hello folks,

I recently noticed that my version of the KDE Help Center (KDE-3.2.2 on Slackware-current) is missing the "Search" tab. htdig's installed but I'm not sure what to tell the Help Center's configuration dialog in order to get my Search tab back. ;)

Which 'Index-Folder' shall I use? And what are the appropriate commands for the 'HTML Search' dialog? For now I have entered '/opt/www/htdig/bin/htsearch' as the program location for htsearch and '/opt/www/htdig/bin/htdig' as the program location for the 'Indexer'. My htdig database resides in '/opt/www/htdig/db/' but I'm not sure if the Help Center expects some other locations..

I've tried generating a search index as user and as root - it doesn't seem to matter - it won't work.. running 'khc_indexbuilder' in konsole won't change this situation..

Any thoughts?




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Sunday, June 6th 2004, 8:22am


I have a exactly same problem except my Slackware version is 9.1. I haven't noticed that before, I never read helps. :)
Do you also get "The folder doesn't exist. Unable to create index." message?
Siili teki maalin.


Sunday, June 6th 2004, 6:23pm

I get "The folder doesn't exist. Unable to create index.", too..

Hm.. I just checked the situation on another computer running SUSE-9.1 - it seems SUSE's index folder is /var/cache/susehelp . But this folder only contains SUSE and software related material *dbs, wordlists and config files - there's nothing specific to KDE. Maybe the 'vanilla' KDE documentation doesn't come with any htdig features.. I don't know for sure. kcontrol _has_ a search tab.;)

Well - it's not a big issue, but I was wondering. :)



Sunday, November 21st 2004, 1:04pm

Builtin KDE Help search / index facilities

I have listed a feature request to KDE to have a built in search / indexer to make life easier. If you would like to see built in facilities to make things easier to create search indexes then please vote / add comments to my feature request...

Ian :D