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Friday, October 8th 2004, 9:38pm

Default File Permissions (umask)

I'm using KDE 3.1. I have configured my shell (BASH) to new default file permissions: umask 0002. However, KDE programs like Kwrite don't pick up the new defaults. I am trying to figure out where and how to change the permissions defaults for KDE programs.

I start KDE from a terminal window with startx. Is there a place in the KDE control center where default permissions can be changed, or do I need to change a configuration file?


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Tuesday, October 26th 2004, 3:02pm

Since lots of people are looking at this post, but nobody is replying, I though I would jump in and answer my own question.

To set default file permissions for KDE programs, put the umask command in the .xinitrc file in your home directory.

Thanks to Chris as BSDMall for this solution.