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Thursday, July 1st 2004, 7:02am

no desktop, or kicker

i just updated kde and since install when i start kde i dont get a kicker or a desktop. after the slash screen goes i get a kppp window from the last time i ran kde succesfully, so kwin seems to b alright. any ideas?


Monday, July 5th 2004, 11:59am

call me a newbie because i dont even know what a kicker is, but i've just upgraded to kde 3.2.something (using slackwares swaret tool) and i cant access the desktop either. no right click, and no view of the contents of the ~/Desktop folder.
the folders are still there in konqueror.


Monday, July 5th 2004, 6:15pm

Yoinks! Fixed it....

I can't say i know what was wrong, but it was something to do with missing libraries. Tweaking the config file for swaret, it finally managed to get everything it was looking for, and now it all works.

I don't know if this helps you or not, but the packages i was missing were: