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Sunday, February 29th 2004, 5:37pm

KDE Freeze with kernel 2.6

I have installed slackware 9.1, my video card is an GeForce FX5200, the slackware comes with the kernel 2.4.24, kde works perfect with this kernel, after i have compiled the kernel 2.6.3, with this kernel, KDE work, but freeze sometimes, any ideia?

Note: Nothing wrong with the nvidia driver, ai have started X with de "nv" driver and the problem persists.


Sunday, March 7th 2004, 4:06am

please, anyone help me!


Monday, March 8th 2004, 1:20am

More info, if logued like a normal user, the have this problem, but if logued as root, the problem persists


Monday, March 8th 2004, 11:27pm

No ideas???