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Wednesday, February 11th 2004, 2:16am

KDM in KDE 3.2 doesnt work right anymore?

I am using Slackware Current and I have the most recent version of KDE 3.2 installed. After the installation I noticed that KDM would no longer login to any desktop other then KDE. To my surprise I also found that in the KDM Config Module, in Control Center, under System Admin there is no longer an option to add or remove Desktop Sessions.

So why is that feature gone? and how do I add new sessions to KDM in 3.2?

Thanx for yr help!


Wednesday, February 11th 2004, 3:05am

OK... I found fix for it!

It seems that just like Gnome 2.4, KDE 3.2 uses something other then the typical XDM style Xsessions file to login to varies Desktop Environments. I found that by editing the KDMRC file to point to Gnomes Xsessions file gave me the fix I needed to get KDM to work correctly...

If you have Gnome 2.4 installed and are using Slackware and can't get KDM to login to any other desktop then it's own, then edit these two lines in yr KDMRC file to get it working correctly.

From this: (BROKEN)

To This: (FIXED)

By telling it to use that "Xsessions" file and the *.desktop files in the "/dm/Sessions" directory, you should be able to have a fully operational KDM again.

Also I am pretty sure there is another fix for this and I know it has something to do with the way Gnome sets up there Xsession file. If you should happen to figure it out, could you please post that info here... Thanx!

Good Luck!


Friday, February 20th 2004, 12:32pm

This is really bug... I don't even have SessionsDir entry neither in /opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc nor in /etc/opt/kde3/share/config/kdm/kdmrc (KDE3.2/SuSE9). And previousely I customized sessions by editing SessionTypes values in kdmrc, and now it seems not to work. :(


Friday, March 5th 2004, 3:31am

see bug 75882