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Tuesday, February 24th 2004, 6:48pm


Hey people...

I've made the experience that KDE 3.2 crashes from time to time (ok, to be precise, it's kmail and konqueror). That never happened with 3.1.3, at least no to me...

So I'd like to know what your experience is!


Tuesday, February 24th 2004, 9:49pm

I think KDE 3.2 is a huge improvement in countless small and major ways, but yes, I do find it crashes more than 3.1. It's konqueror and korganizaer and kword for me, mainly. I've sort of gotten used to it and just restart things and move on. I also shrug it off because so many bugs in Kde 3.2 have been fixed and in so many ways it is much, much better than 3.1




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Tuesday, February 24th 2004, 11:06pm


I have had kde 3.2 crash only once and I'm pretty sure that even that was operator-induced (in the sense that I was playing with kdevelop and ran some really ugly code :evil: ).

In general, programs seem to crash less than before and, when they do, do so gracefully; I have lost no significant amounts of data.

Kde 3.2 is wonderful. My work forces me to use various versions of, shall we say, a competing brand, all of which have caused me many more headaches than Linux+KDE. In addition, real problems with kde tend to get fixed more quickly.

In concrete terms I have had konqueror crash twice since I started using KDE 3.2 two weeks ago but, on the other hand, I bet that after 6 months of use (and patches) the number will not have grown significantly.


Thursday, February 26th 2004, 3:47am

Yup agreed 3.2 crashes a lot, which never happend to me in 3.1