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Wednesday, February 18th 2004, 7:28pm

KDE 3.2 Post Compile Issues.

Ok so i downloaded and compiled the KDE 3.2 sources but now im having trouble with the login manager.

Packages Compiled:

Some observations:

1.) During boot noticed that LISa was not booting.
(I dont know squat about LISa so i didnt know if fixing it would help.
Continuing on...

X Starts and drops me at the fimilar CollegeLinux login manager [KDM or XDM] with the matrix background.

Since I wanted to finish compiling up the other packages I tried logging in as root under KDE (I know KDE "worked" because i had used test used it just before rebooting.)

Login screen goes blank and then re-appears and i try now logging in as XFCe and Failsafe both fail and do the same thing black screen the X booting gray background then login manager.

Ok so now im frustarted i boot in to the system using the ctrl+alt+f6 command and type in startkde now KDE fails to start and cant find the startkde command. So now im left with a non-functioning box that cant login to anything but the CLI.

Any Help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!




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Wednesday, February 18th 2004, 8:14pm


can we have a little more details. What is your distro(CollegeLinux?) and what does it says in the kdm.log/xdm.log and XFree86.0.log? Startkde should be installed with kdebase, was kdebase compiled ok?
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Wednesday, February 18th 2004, 8:21pm

Yes KDEbase was installed fine I will get the log information as soon as possible IE(next 15min)