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Monday, February 2nd 2004, 7:17pm

Fixed Menus in KDE


A while ago I used KDE from SuSE...and there was a line on top of each menu. When you clicked it, the menu opened as a window and stayed on the screen. I found that very useful. But now I'm using Debian with KDE 3.1.5 and this line is gone. I searched the KDE options but wasn't unable to find an option to enable it.
So, is it possible to simply enable/disable it and if Yes: Where is the switch?
Or is it a feature unfourtunately gone away?



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Tuesday, February 3rd 2004, 7:46pm

I think this are called tear-off menus and I think they were removed due to usuability problems.

There might be a thread discussing this available in the kde-usability mailing list archives.

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