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Sunday, December 21st 2003, 4:25pm

Sign on problems without superuser access in kopete

I am trying to use my Kopete with SuSE 9.0 pro. When I login as root
everything works fine. When I try to use with my normal ID I receive the

"Sign on failed because the screen name you provided is not registered on the
AIM network. Please visit to create a screen name for use on
the AIM network."

I obvioulsy have a permission problem, but I am unable to find it and correct
it. Can you help me?

Thank you in advance,


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Wednesday, December 31st 2003, 4:39pm


It looks more like what it says
it cannot find your name on the aim network
check to make sure your actually connecting to the aim network or that your user name has not been deleted.
eazy test try it on a windows box using aim and see if it works if not then its a problem with you account with aol.
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Thursday, January 1st 2004, 5:35am

try to delete the tmp files for kopete, under


delete that kopete folder and redo the configs.