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Friday, November 14th 2003, 8:14pm

Request: Choosing screen resolution and refresh rate


I'm new to Linux and am steadily learning along with Slackware 9.1 which I've been running for about 4 months now.

Sadly one of the main problems I had with my system was getting KDE to work with a usable monitor resolution and refresh rate as when I used startx to go into KDE for the first time the desktop was then presented using the maximum size (and therefore minimum refresh rate) available from my hardware. This was totally unusable and, if I'd have tried to use it for any length of time it would definitely have given me eye strain (1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz with TINY icons is not pleasant) :)

This was made worse as in trying to configure KDE I used the KDE Control Centre to try to choose a different resolution and refresh rate but this would then write an invalid XF86Config file meaning that I couldn't then use X until I'd run XFree86Setup again (or restored a backup of XF86Config once I'd worked out what was happening)

In comparison GNOME has an applet which allows me to select a monitor resolution and a refresh rate from the combinations available to my hardware. This choice then seems to be saved in a way that makes it independent of the settings in XF86Config file (i.e. GNOME selects my preference from the list of available options from the X-Server)

How I wish KDE worked the same way ! Once the X-Server has been set up correctly for the hardware in use KDE should also allow me to specify how I want KDE, and KDE only, to use the X-Server. I don't think it should be globally resetting how the X server behaves.

Now maybe all this wouldn't have been a problem for a seasoned Linux veteran but I found it totally confusing and think KDE could be improved here (the same also applies for XFCE) Or perhaps I'm not yet understanding things correctly ?

Another thing I'd also like to able to do is to to change the screen resolution and refresh rate by right clicking on the desktop and making selections from a menu.

I'm sorry to say it but Windoze has the design right here. If you right click on any object, including the desktop, you can the usually view/change it's properties. I'd like to see the same model used in all the Linux GUIs.

Mind you having said all this at least I now know that most Window Managers will use the X-Servers maximum settings by default, I also know how to configure my X-Server by editing the XF86Config file so at least I've learnt loads - I even got my mouses wheel working during all my playing about :)

Apart from this small niggle though I must say that I'm very impressed with KDE so this is not meant to be a moan but is hopefully constructive criticism !

Whilst I'm on it would also be nice if all the GUIs would co-operate in using a standard for storing icons, wallpapers folders etc. (something like /usr/share/icons & /usr/share/wallpapers ?) Maybe this will be set out in some future desktop standard ?

Just my tuppence worth
durrggghhh.... my brayne hurtz.....


Friday, November 14th 2003, 9:03pm

Sharing of data is coordinated by , however not everything can be done at once. (KDE 3.2 has again a little more of it than KDE 3.1.)

Have a nice day!