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Thursday, November 13th 2003, 8:43am

minimal login screen

I have a suse 8.2 with kde release 3.1.1 running.
I only use kde and no other windowmanager so i want to change my login screen. In the login screen you must provide your login name and password and a session type. So what i want now is the line "session type" and the choices (kde/gnome/windowmaker...) out of this login screen and when i provide my username and password it always uses kde to login.



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Thursday, November 13th 2003, 1:24pm

When you login the first time the login manager will save the option you have choosen. The next time it will select "previous session", so if you only use one desktop you won't need to touch this anymore.

You can manage the list of session types in KControl module "Login Manager".