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Friday, October 31st 2003, 6:31pm

Rename the username

How can i rename the username
for example form jim to mike


Friday, October 31st 2003, 7:22pm

Not sure if it's enough. But:

Edit /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow as root and replace
jim with mike in the line where jim appears.

jim:x:503:100:Big Jimmy's real name:/home/jim:/bin/bash
# Change to
mike:x:503:100:Big Mikey's new name:/home/mike:/bin/bash

then rename the home-dir.

/> cd /home
/home/> mv jim mike

This should work. But I will not guarantee anything :lol:. Consider triing it with some test-user first ;-)
Expect the worst, it's the least you can do.