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Saturday, September 13th 2003, 9:14am

Hidden programs in KMenuEditor.

This may sound quiet strange, but I'm a person who wants everything correct. :D

I took a look at the program KMenuEditor. And I added some few posts (programs to the menu).
BUT... now I want to remove them. But when I remove them, the programs just get hidden.
I want to REmove them totaly from the register.

Is there any config file I can edit to remove the files? I won't them hidden.


Saturday, September 13th 2003, 10:05am

KDE saves the menu entries at two places:
(where kdedir is the installation directory of kde, and kde_home the directory containing your local configuration - e.g. ~/.kde)
If you remove the corresonding desktop-files, the menu entries will disappear.

Help mee om KDE 3.5.5 in het Nederlands te vertalen


Saturday, September 13th 2003, 12:11pm

Thanks buddy! :D