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Saturday, May 31st 2003, 9:42am

Documentation of an app's actions

I noticed that the actions that
can be bound to keyboard shortcuts aren't
well documented in the "Configure shortcuts" menu.

Is there a more thorough description of what the
different actions do? Sometimes it's obvious
(e.g. "duplicate current tab" in konqueror,
if you already know what a tab is ;-))
but sometimes not
(e.g. "remove directory properties" in konqi)



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Saturday, May 31st 2003, 9:46am

have you ever tried the KDE help? There is a lot of help about konqueror.



Saturday, May 31st 2003, 10:11am


Original von dimitri

have you ever tried the KDE help? There is a lot of help about konqueror.

You're right, there's a lot of helpful and interesting documentation
there but that's on a different level. You can read on a certain
area of Konqueror (e.g. on the creation of profiles)
and there's even a chapter on *common* shortcuts.
But there's no description of what the *more esoteric* actions do.
A table like that would be too technical to be in the
regular kdehelp, IMHO.

Having that kind of description in the shortcut menu itself would
make a nice addition though.
But that doesn't seem to exist (yet?).
I just wondered if this is documented somewhere else.


Saturday, May 31st 2003, 10:20am

I take back the statement that the
more esoteric actions aren't documented.
There's really a thorough list in the reference chapter.
(at least for any action that's also in a menu)

Thanks for pointing out the regular help to me.
I wouldn't have expected kdehelp to go into that much detail.
I must have missed that chapter in the past.
As they say: "Real users never use the help key." ;-)
Sometimes it's right under your nose.

Now having links from the shortcut menu to the respective line in
kdehelp would be nice...