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Thursday, May 29th 2003, 9:31am

kpackage in 3.1.2 gives "exec failed"


I tried to upgrade my debian woody from 2.2.2 to 3.1.2 but I
found that kpackage no longer works as it gives me "exec failed: no
such file or directory", without telling me what it is referring to. This is
a rather crude message(useless I may say). I have no such problem
in 2.2.2

anyone knows what it tries to exec ? I have no problem to do all the
stuff I need like apt-get, dpkg etc. using the command line.


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 1:16pm

kpackage is a wrapper for rpm. If you are using debian why do you want to mess with rpm's?


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 1:40pm

oops, I don't know that but it sees all the debian package and under
2.2.2, it can handle debian package quite nicely, though in real world
use, I prefer the command line more. However, I am considering
distribute a customized build so I want to test all the GUI functions.


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 1:43pm

My fault, I forgot that kpackage could also do deb packages.
I use Gentoo - no dependancy nightmares:)

I assume you are able to run the commands from command line?


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 2:17pm

Yes, all the command line works fine. Personally, I find kpackage
useful for browsing but apt-get etc. is much better when doing the
real work.

I thought about going Gentoo but compiling took ages(things like
XFree86 or KDE can take days on my slow machine). If no one
has the answer, I may need to grab the source and have a look


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 3:53pm

I would suggest you recompile kdeutils (i think this is where kpackage is) - don't use the binary's.


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 4:35pm

thanks, it is kdeadmin/kpackage and surprisingly, this problem only appear when I am root. If I am a normal user, everything works.

Sounds like a bug to me, would file a report and try to go through the source to locate it.


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 4:48pm

It sounds like your environment ($PATH, etc) might be different?
compare the output of env and see.....


Thursday, May 29th 2003, 5:39pm

The same environment, same X, same everything, just a distro upgrade
and the 3.1.2 doesn't work. And my PATH for normal user is just a
subset of that of root. So everything a normal user sees, root see(and

I search the bug database as well as google and found similar
reports from other users.

Too bad, KDE team still think it is not a bug. They don't like bugs. I have
filed another bug and they just closed it right away calling it is the
problem of other component on my machine. I expect this kind of
response from a product like Microsoft but not in the linux world. I have
been in this field as a system developer/programmer etc. for over 15
years and would only file a bug when I have 90% certainty it is a bug.
A little bit disappointed.