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Saturday, May 10th 2003, 12:19am

Ftp downloads

I have a small, but obvious question. Most updates use ftp sites. Is ther any way you can download a directory or tree without having to click on every link.

Any help would be greatfully


Saturday, May 10th 2003, 9:51am

Of course. You can use an FTP client like ncftp, which has an option to get a whole tree in one go. For instance (in ncftp, after having connected to the server you want to download from):[code:1]
get -R /pub/blah/stuff/*[/code:1]

Or you can install a graphical FTP client such as KBear. I am sure that has a facility to download a whole directory in one go.


Saturday, May 10th 2003, 3:22pm

I know you can do this within your own network but how do you do it to a web site, ie how do you "connect to the server".

For example the rpm ftp site

How do you connect to site? I have done this before through windoze but only connecting via server name or ip-never on the internet




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Saturday, May 10th 2003, 3:56pm

If you want to copy all content just open the URL in konqueror filemanager mode.
select all and choose copy
open a second kony in filemanager mode, change to/create destination dir, choose paste.

Like any local filetransfer.

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Saturday, May 10th 2003, 5:43pm

...Well you learn somthing every day... Didn't know you could do it like that :)