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Wednesday, February 12th 2003, 2:09am

Accents problem in KDE 3.1

Hi. My problem is that when I want to write a letter with an accent in KDE 3.1 apps I get the letter but without accent. If I do the same thing in StarOffice, I get an accent and then the letter, like this: ´a instead of á. My keyboard layout is correct. If I login in a GNOME session I don't have this problem. What can be happening?

Thanks for your answers.


Thursday, February 13th 2003, 5:44pm


I solved my problem, and I will post the solution. I had a configuration problem with something, but I don't know what. I suspect of VNC, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I deleted all my configuration files in my home, and the problem was solved. But I need to configure all again. I hope that this can be usefull for someone with the same problem.