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Saturday, June 30th 2012, 10:10am , monte carlo simulation in finance

:thumbsup: •We are Experts in Finance & Accounting all levels. We provide help in :-
•Monte Carlo Methods
•Monte Carlo Simulation in Finance
•Uniform random number generation
•Pseudo random number generators
•Non-Uniform continuous distributions
•Acceptance Rejection method
•Discrete time Black-Scholes model
•Generating Gamma & Beta distributions
•Symmetric Stable Laws
•Normal Inverse Gamma Distribution
•Simulating Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
•Variance reduction for One-Dimensional Monte Carlo Integration
•Simulations from Stationary Distribution of a Markov Chain
•Asian Distribution & Girsanov's Lemma
•Simulating Barrier & Lookback Options
•Simulating the High & the Close
•Quasi- Monte Carlo Multiple Integration
•Van Der Corput Sequene
•Halton Sequence & Sobol Sequence
•Estimation & Calibration
•Estimating Volatility & Diffusion Models
•Hedge Ratios, Hedging Swaps Options & Derivations
•Arbitrage Theory & CAPM
•Capital Asset Pricing Model & SAPM
•Crank Nicolson Method
•Monte Carlo methods used in Finance & Mathematical finance
•Sensivity Analysis & Simulations & Simulation Models

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