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Tuesday, May 29th 2012, 4:20am

This is your first NBA regular season

"To do the organizational work of the pass," promised also exclaimed, "By the way and then a good defense that arrogant guy called Rodney Stuckey!
"Yes," coach Larry Brown said, "Your task is a good defensive Rodney Stuckey, I hope I can once again see you shake down in the game, Gilbert Arenas, the performance of "Then coach Larry Brown actually to promise a slight smile.
"You worry, coach!" The promised exclaimed, "I will work hard to complete their tasks!
Larry Brown, coach patted on the back of promise, with a smile he said: "This is your first NBA regular season, must be a good fight!"
Promised to their head coach is also a very natural smile and nodded his head. Darren Collison has sat on the bench, unhappy face.
In fact, the promise just with coach Larry Brown's speech when so loud it does not mean lack of respect for his coach, Larry Brown, on the contrary promised coach Larry Brown admire five body cast. Promise just with the reason why so loud talk, the reason is that the game is his first NBA regular season, promised to use this method to hide the tension of his mind.
However, the promise did not play before the promise of mind comes in do not feel how tight, but when he had just set foot on the Palace of Auburn Hills arena, a stadium when the hearts of tension immediately involuntarily welling up. The promise could not help but deep breath, forced their hands and feet no longer tense and quivering, try your best to calm down.
However, when the site in the Palace of Auburn Hills arena announcer say Indiana Pacers promised to replace Darren Collison, the promise began to hear the stands, some fans in a low voice whispering.
"Who is the promise?"
"Never heard of it."
"Is a Chinese player?"
"Perhaps, but it seems China's defender is not how kind ah ..."
"Oh, that is probably from Korea ......
And hear the fans talking about themselves, that the promise could not help but fiercely clenched his fists.
"You ignorant guys!" Said the promise of teeth, "while I will give you nice, let the Yankees know you know, we can get out of the top point guard!"
The promise said, the hearts of the fighting will be greatly enhanced, and that the surge of tension disappeared without a trace.
Pause after the Detroit Pistons,cheap jerseys from china , their opponents, and not what substitutions to adjust, ("so that I can finally on the court to pay Tracy McGrady played against the" promised to mind this thought), and the Indiana Pacers also just put on the promise of a bench. Shortly after the promise of just onto the pitch, the Detroit Pistons point guard Rodney Stuckey, toward the promise to go over.
"Hey, your kid should be a new man?" Rodney Stuckey said to the promise, that arrogant expression is still hanging in his face, "Is that Darren Collison is afraid, so look for had a rookie to back him as cannon fodder? "said Rodney Stuckey laugh.
Promised to know that his smile is definitely not in good faith, and therefore promised coldly looked at a Rodney Stuckey in the eyes of coldness actually forced Rodney Stuckey to a major step back.
"Please you speak Be careful not to,nfl jerseys china , otherwise, I will let you pay the cost of the arrogant." Promised Rodney Stuckey said a single word, the words into the cold chill even more than his eyes.
Rodney Stuckey is no longer laugh, it seems that he has never heard of which rookie so talking to him. Count "Atta boy, you kind of, we see the game!" Rodney Stuckey finished, he strides away.
Promised to look at the back of Rodney Stuckey, could not help a slight sigh, "we have in the game, a fool, I do not know exactly how will be marked with the NBA team's starting point guard. "promised so to himself.
Then when the referee blew his mouth whistle, the game and start again. Promised to take over the DeMar DeRozan serve began to dribble forward rapidly advancing field.
"Indiana Pacers point of their rookie promised, promised to hear the scene the narrator says," as if a promise from the Chinese point guard this year's second round of 12 pick rookie is the second round of the twelfth cis-bit Yeah, tut tut, "the scene of fans began to laugh up.
"Do you hear, boy?" Are defensive promised Rodney Stuckey with a malicious smile on the promise said, "They are laughing at you."
"I know, but soon they will be laughing!" Promised coldly, "including you!" He added, Rodney Stuckey immediately gloomy face.
Your kid will not be too arrogant! "Rodney Stuckey whispered.
The promised "do not know who is too arrogant!" Whispered.
Rodney Stuckey seems to have been already very angry, began to start steals the promise of the dribble. Had promised he dribbled the ball is to use their bodies to protect the ball, Rodney Stuckey will never steals succeeded. Start Rodney Stuckey steals the moment, the promise of a sudden time behind the dribble handoff, however, to avoid the Rodney Stuckey steals Rodney Stuckey flutter a empty promise to seize the opportunity to start straight into the Detroit Pistons of the paint. cheap jerseys from china ,The Detroit Pistons of the other players do not seem to think of the promises so easily break through the defense of Rodney Stuckey, so when they react to begin containment of the restricted area when it was too late. In reaction speed, dribbling speed, movement frequency in all aspects leading promised already rushed into the restricted area of ​​the Detroit Pistons, seeing the basket in sight. At this point, the promise of a sudden a no-look pass, pass out the ball from being surrounded.
Careful outside of Danny Granger! "Detroit Pistons head coach Lawrence Frank, coach standing on the sidelines shouted to the players shouted.
But all too late, Danny Granger, Tracy McGrady rushed to the defense before the ball outside third of the ball long shot shot. Like Danny Granger Under normal circumstances, this space pointers opportunity will not be wasted, the results of the ball "brush" sound hollow network!
"Beautiful!" Indiana Pacers bench players who all jumped, "a pretty pass! Beautiful shot! Beautiful with all simply too beautiful!"
The audience of fans sent a burst of sighs, and even the scene of the narrator in to send soon a long sigh.


Friday, July 13th 2012, 3:24am

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