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Tuesday, October 4th 2011, 1:39am

Optional plasma would have been better received.

KDE 4.x looks great by itself- but it's a victim of plasma. Therefore, I think plasma should have been made optional- completely optional- and without dependencies. I have no nostalgia for 3.0, mind you. Yes, I liked it, particularly its speed and performance. I had high hopes for 4.0 but let out high-pitched wails :cursing: instead- until I realized I could turn the special effects off. :) One current Linux desktop looks like a cell phone display, the other fades in and out like a film student's project gone overboard in post-processing. X( Please tell me that “cashew” in the corner can optionally go away in the next release...KDE stands strong on its own two feet without plasma, thank you, I hope this somehow tips the scale of critical mass of dissent.