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Tuesday, September 20th 2011, 9:42am

pieces, a loss

sneaky went to the cave.

Mixed with the mist rolling in the hole fluttering fireflies, she was curious why so many of these fireflies, but suddenly found that pool, a pool back to relying on their own, painful struggle, that a solid back looming on a few hideous scars.

She hesitated, raised skirt gently forward, in about one meter away from the man, whispered Qieqie call out: "hey, you okay?"

The man apparently hesitated, a hoarse deep voice said fiercely: "Who told you to run around at night?! Give me back!"

This time round Xia Wanqing stunned, "how are you? Slotted War, how do you?" She stepped forward, he wanted to see how exactly, but was scared cry Li He stopped in her tracks, "Xia Wanqing, the number of to three, immediately to the deity disappeared! "

Xia Wanqing hand wringing clothes, micro Zhaoyan, looked at the back of some grievances, "slotted War, I know you hate me, these days you ignored me, so I know I should not say you, say you are ... is Yinzei, you know, ah, authentic nfl jerseys in that case I really Koubuzeyan Well, you can not so stingy, ah, angry students for so long, but also the old avoiding me. "

Slotted War did not seem to hear her words in general, still the sound decidedly cold, said: "You are deaf? Deity that let you go back! You this woman really is not skin people called ah!"

"You! What did you say?! Slotted War, you ..." Xia Wanqing surprised to see that back, how he was? How can he say such a thing? Although this is a cold-blooded that has been slotted for their mourning do all sorts of humility.

"Deity that let you roll! Do not let me repeat a second time!" He was cold, then mixed with sadness, as well, difficult.

Xia Wanqing want to hold back the tears fall, Zhaoyan angry step forward, raised his foot to kick with his foot severely bare, exposed the upper body slotted War, "you better listen to this lady, from today, we is a stranger! you quickly put me back to Yan Palace, the moment I do not want to see you this distasteful face mask! "

Slotted War was Xiawan Qing Henti his foot, a sweet fishy out of the throat, mouth slowly down the shed, his eyes full of sadness,wholesale jerseys from china pain has long been the heart can not breathe, "Wan Wan, I really do not want to. "

Xia Wanqing looked indifferent slotted War, a trace of doubt in my mind, "This man how, with his temper, and I should be immediately rushed to bicker ah."

She bent down, knocked slotted War of the shoulder, "Hey, slotted War, are you okay?"

"You. How. What. Also. Not. Go!" Slotted War spit out the words difficult, but not from a suppression of blood from the mouth spray.

Xia Wanqing looking scarlet die in fall spring, the enchanting like lilies, her heart suddenly was kept hurriedly Banguo slotted War of the face, but lost in the moment of God.

He did not wear a mask, such as Guan Yu's face now pale and clear, but exudes a pair of eye striking scarlet, Angela flashing in the mist, strong nose, thinning of the lip of the blood still remained a star, that if the sword Organisation of the eyebrows together tightly, spread out the messy black hair hanging in his solid chest ago, even at the moment slotted War has been extremely weak,nfl jerseys cheap but still exudes the king of the air can not hide.

Xia Wanqing never thought it would be cold mask looks like a masterpiece, he and Che is not the same dragon, dragon Che is left unrestrained joy and a sense of the world, is the belly black romantic, the man has no shortage of hard decisions, and slotted War is a hot-tempered personality, boyish looks cold, but the inner man, he is hidden under the mask of a lonely heart or even panic.

She looked slotted War flashing scarlet eyes, ask the absence of his face, "slotted War, your eyes ..."

Slotted War effort to restrain myself not to look at Xia Wanqing, he exhausted all its efforts to push her, clutching his chest pain screamed: "Wan Wan, quick, get out of here!"

Xia Wanqing getting up from the ground, tightly holding hands slotted War mad, shaking this sound over and over again called to slotted War name.

"I do not go, you like this, how do I go?!" Xia Wanqing now completely ignored slotted War that hideous face, she knew she could not give up the front of the man, nfl jerseys cheap she could not bear to leave him to bear the pain.

Slotted War has slowly at the moment in the erosion of rational, if there is awareness of not just his injury Xiawan Qing, and now his behavior is already completely out of control, this time slotted War is not that cool calm man, but a ferocious beast, waiting in the wings waiting for the outbreak.

Xia Wanqing looking more and more red eye, slotted War has been completely distorted facial muscles, pain in his low voice growled, looking grim rise Yinhen already went to of Xiawan Qing, the long arm stretched it out, a down to the Xia Wanqing pool.

Xia Wanqing be slotted War brutally dragged into the water, head against his chest, was Mengguan a few saliva, tears choking her nose DC. Xieyi her wet spring, tightly wrapped in a real field on her petite body. Slotted War tightly hugged Xiawan Qing body, like to rub their bodies in general, like the bones of her body to be broken as the bones can even hear the ring sound giggle.

"Slotted slotted War ... War ... do not, let me go ..." Xia Wanqing Biede face was red, you want to struggle and kicked the can, but to no purses outlet He was like a hedge, the hedge has been bloodthirsty! Exude a thorough bone cold heart!

Eventually, she was helpless to give up the struggle, if you really want to own life, then take it! Alive, really tired, relieved it, break out just fine. Her eyes closed, lying quiet slotted War's arms, his body let him Jinzuan Zhao.

Then, abruptly, Xia Wanqing was blowing warm moist side neck, felt the sting after an hemp feeling cramps throughout the body, from the warm liquid flow down her neck like jade, dyed her wet clothes, and around the springs. Her whole body seem to have been pulled out of the ordinary, helpless suspended in midair. Slotted War V on her necks, mercilessly sucking her blood, the more strange that the scarlet eye.