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Thursday, July 15th 2010, 3:22am

kgamma installation in kde 4.2.4

I am running KDE 4.2.4 under Slackware. The kgamma application is not available on my system. What is the correct way to download and install kgamma for KDE 4.2.4?



Thursday, November 22nd 2012, 12:15pm

How to install Kgamma on Kubuntu 12.04

I follow these instruction on Kubuntu 12.04. Perhaps you will serve:

But first I Install:


I gave then right clicked on the desktop, and then run order, and a search box appears, put there "Kgamma" and appears "Gamma", I gave click and a window which says: "Gamma control module KDE" and there are all options to adjust the brightness of the monitor. I served to adjust the brightness of an external monitor (I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 laptop) brand VA1931wa-LED Viewsonic model and worked perfectly on Kubuntu 12.04

I published in:

kgamma on KDE 4.2.4

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