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Thursday, November 27th 2008, 10:11am

Defendmyname, Remove the annoying KDE error “kio_media_mounthelper” when unmounting usb device

With KDE3 and with some usb sticks or drives, could happen that if you try to safely remove them, with the classic right click –> safely remove, you’ll get an error from kio_media_mounthelper.
The error say that: The device was correctly unmounted but couldn’t be ejected
This is only a really annoying warn because the media has been unmounted so we can safely remove it, but how can we remove that?
I found the fix on Mandriva bugzilla (bug #39762)
The solution is really easy, is infact enought download that script (kdeeject)
Once the script has been downloaded do the following as root:
chmod +x kdeeject
mv kdeeject /opt/kde3/bin/kdeeject
now we will get that warn no more!
Just for knowledge, that script ask to hal if the device could be ejected, if not the media is only unmounted, if yes it is ejected too.
I hopes that to be usefull for lots.