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Monday, November 24th 2008, 11:36pm

kontact-kmail imap new server sync with laptop


I've been running an imap server for my laptop with Kontact - perfect. The imap server died (hardware). I had my old slow imap server in storage - still good. UNFORTUNATELY :cursing: through my own ignorance, the old server updated my laptop and not the other way around, so now I've lost a bunch of emails, contacts, todo's & calendar events.

In the future, when I I get a new server online, how can I force my laptop cache to upload to the server? I want to sync 1 time from my laptop to my server and then set it back to sync from the server to the laptop.

I did not see a kmail setting for this, so any info is appreciated



Tuesday, November 25th 2008, 5:56pm

follow up remark


I could probably scp or ftp or rsync or smb-share(yipes) the mail files between the various system, however It seems there should be a method, command line or GUI to push the files onto the server or to sync by most recent date or at least set a flag/option to no delete

Has anyone else experienced this issue when changing imap servers (fetchmail,dovecot,postfix w/ mbox format)? If the mail loss is a one-off I will re-examine my setup.

Thank you