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Sunday, July 27th 2008, 11:59pm

[Kopete] Constant pop-up about user being offline


Kopete constantly bugs me with a pop-up that goes like: "User <username> is currently offline and your message will not be delivered." I tried to deliver an offline message 3 days ago. Ever since then, Kopete won't shut up about it. I can't get it to shut up ;( What's going on?

I'm using Kopete 0.12.7 (KDE 3.5.9).



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Monday, July 28th 2008, 12:11pm

Hi RealNC,

To narrow our search down a little: what protocol were you using (ICQ, MSN, etc.)?



Tuesday, July 29th 2008, 1:48am

It was MSN. Meanwhile, it stopped nagging me by itself. :D Don't know what happened. Maybe it got bored doing it for 3 days straight.

Btw, the "Smileys" box in this forum shows every emoticon twice (except for the blue ones, those only show once.)

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