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Thursday, January 31st 2008, 1:11pm

Adding dynamic context menu

Hi all,
I want to add konqueror context menu dynamically. 1n /usr/../servicemenus we can add .desktop file and can insert to context menu statically.How can i add dynamic context menu like arc and copy action do. When we right clicked any file compress and copy ,also move, context of menu is being constructed dynamically.

How can we insert our dynamic context menu in kde?
Thanks in advance.


Tuesday, February 19th 2008, 9:23pm

RE: Adding dynamic context menu

I'm having the same issue and would like to report about the problem in a more readable form than the previous post :-))

I'm running Kubuntu 7.10 with KDE 4 on top of it. As you might know, KDE 4 uses Dolphin for file management by default. Under KDE 3 i was able to add additional actions to the context menu by adding ".desktop" files to the "/usr/share/apps/dolphin/servicemenus" (or somewhere else, i don't remember). It works flawlessly under KDE 3.x but it does not work in Dolphin for KDE 4. At least i couldn't find any documentation about this and also couldn't get it to work no matter where i put those "servicemenus". Is this a "feature" or it's just not implemented yet?
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