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Thursday, January 24th 2008, 7:14am

[Kopete] - Webcam Issue

after updating to the newest Kopete and KDE I was trying out the webcam feature with a MSN contact, I could see my contacts webcam without problems and later she could see mine with a problem. However when we both tried to send and receive each others webcam only the first connection would be established and then the second would timeout. I can however receive her webcam while sending my to another msn contact without problems. Any thoughts on how to fix this or get around it would be helpful

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Saturday, January 26th 2008, 8:20am

Problem Fixed

After looking around again at…ebcam%20Support I found this, I guess i missed it the first time around

"I can receive or send but not both at the same time; port 6891 has been opened for TCP/UDP packets
I'm not sure, but it seems that I had to forward 6892 (udp and tcp)
as well to get both directions working. Hope that helps!
-yes that does, i had the same problem and same solution

I tried it out and it works great with Kopete 0.12.7