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Sunday, January 13th 2008, 3:30pm

imho things to do to make KDE 4 the best

I think KDE4 is great, but there's some things which need to be done (in my opinion, of course).
1) First of all is the size of the taskbar. It's really too big.
2) The second thing is config panel. After KDE3.5's one, KDE4's is really poor.
3) It's nice that there're wigets in KDE4, but some of them are useless. For example: i prefer analog clocks to digital ones, so i can use that wiget. But for what - i have very BIG digital clock on the taskbar. It's not about all wigets - there're very useful things like Kget.

And i have some problems when logging out, but it may be my comp's own bug :P
That's all that i can say for that moment. Sorry for my english (i think there're some mistakes :rolleyes:)

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Sunday, January 13th 2008, 4:49pm

if i'm not mistaken, you can remove taskbar clock by unlocking widgets and right-clicking it



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Sunday, January 13th 2008, 6:29pm

RE: imho things to do to make KDE 4 the best

1) I totally agree. This thing MUST be configurable in both size and position
On my Laptop it takes a huge amount of available desktop space, and this is not acceptable for a production environment. It looks like developers only worked on 1600x1200 screens, forgetting "normal" people's hardware.
2) agreed
3) agreed

4) Possibility to rotate icons: it's nice to see it and it comes for free, but... who ever felt the need for it? Why developers put their efforts on such unuseful tasks instead of more important ones?
5) Transparent frames around icons. Why? They only take desktop space. I need to have lots of icons on my desktop and now i can't put them very close one to the other. I can barely see the lovely wallpaper i choosed....
6) Developers: please concentrate on usability for working people and forget eyecandies. We may like them, but we don't need them!

my 2 cents

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Monday, January 14th 2008, 4:18am

the devs must be busy these days ;)


Wednesday, January 16th 2008, 7:29pm

1-6) agreed
And a little "plus" for 5-6
I think it'll be good to make all this things optional. Because my friend have a bit old computer - RoverBook Discovery (Pentium3-800, 256MbRAM, on-board video and audio). And KDE4 is DEADLY slow. For example: in KDE3.5 eyecandies like metisse or compiz were sometimes slow, so i turned them off. And here i can't do that (not about metisse, but about all other like transparent frames).