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Friday, January 11th 2008, 10:33am

KDE First Impressions

I am a complete newcomer to the world of KDE. These are my immediate, first impressions:

  • Pretty!
  • Hmm, everything is the same color. It's kinda hard to distinguish anything.
  • What do these icons on the taskbar mean? They all look very polished and shiny, but all rather alike. Ah, thank goodness for tooltips. Without them, I'd have no idea what they mean.
  • Why is a big "K" being used to represent the start menu? That letter means nothing to me as a user, but I guess it must somehow be important.
  • Wow, EVERYTHING is named with the letter K! This letter must be really, really important. I sure wish I could figure out its significance.
Overall impression: KDE is a desktop that is in love with itself. It is not a desktop designed to help me, the user.


Friday, January 11th 2008, 3:43pm

Well this is true, but not without good reason.

For a power-user K has all the depth and configurability you will ever need. Many things are behind the scenes waiting to be used, and everything can be changed, including that K individually if you get proficient enough.

check out for styles. I used to like Baghira (Mac-like), but now I like darker styles to emphasize the work and not the frames.

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Friday, January 11th 2008, 8:34pm

Well, Momma always said, there's never a good reason to make a bad first impression.

If KDE is as powerful as you say, it should be easy to knock everyone's socks off with that first impression.


Friday, January 11th 2008, 9:04pm

Yeah, but what does that mean? Everyone has a different idea.

Personally I think the style needs to be much tighter and sharper, not this Plastik schite. And the app naming is complained about alot, but nothing changes.

I am just happy that it is as object-oriented as it is, since almost no one else does this. Wish it were more so, to really harness the power of this advanced technology.



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Saturday, January 12th 2008, 1:53am

KDE4.0.0 is FAST! Blazing fast! I intend on installing it on my laptop this weekend. It's been chugging under Kubuntu Gutsy. Other than some issues with the new KMenu I'm really liking it!

As for the names of programs starting with K. Believe me it's a NICE thing because it shows that it works with KDE. This may not be as much of an issue with KDE4, I read something about how Gnome apps will work better now. But currently at least, knowing that a program has been designed to work with KDE is big confidence builder.

All in all the new desktop looks fantastic, runs incredibly fast and seems solid so far.. in all my couple of hours running it.. I haven't run into anything that won't run yet so that's nice.

I had a real pain getting the fonts in apps to be large enough to read. A setting in appearnce forcing the fonts to 96dpi fixed that.

KDE4 is my new desktop! And I will be doing production with it so I'm sure I'll expose some bugs.



Saturday, January 12th 2008, 4:06am

First Impressions

Congratulations you made KDE like Vista. Looks ok, but not piratical will stick with Gnome.


Saturday, January 12th 2008, 4:08am


I just installed on a 300+ AMD XP with 2 gigs of ram and it craws. KDE 3.5 was faster and Gnome 2.6.20 runs rings around KDE 4



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Saturday, January 12th 2008, 2:28pm

RE: Fast


Originally posted by maddog
I just installed on a 300+ AMD XP with 2 gigs of ram and it craws. KDE 3.5 was faster and Gnome 2.6.20 runs rings around KDE 4

How did you achieve that? I have a far inferior computer (and 512 MB ram), was running debug betas of KDE 4 along with KDE 3 in another session, and it seemed quite ok, not a lot slower than KDE 3 programs, and the redrawing seemed even faster.


Sunday, January 13th 2008, 12:16am

RE: Fast

should be 3000+ xp AMD, sorry.

Had so switch back to Gnome to get things done. In the file manager I could not right click and create a folder and there was no option in the menu list. I was also trying to move files from one folder to another and seemed like a pain. I used KDE on and off since mandrake 6. I have to say that Gnome is quick and easy and more powerful to use.


Sunday, January 13th 2008, 12:23am

Some things transcend individual preference. Look at the iPhone, iPod, etc. These are industrial designs that say, "touch me, use me". How did they get that effect?

One big aspect of industrial design has to do with audience. The iPhone is designed to appeal to consumers. Every aspect of the device's operation and look is crafted for that audience. To whom is KDE designed to appeal? Judging from the big K logo, and the naming of everything starting with K, and my other first impressions, I would say the audience is people who already know about KDE and are committed to it.

What I am suggesting is that if the contributors want KDE to become more popular, they could do so by making that first, default design focused on the normal end user, not on the 'leet KDE masters.

Personally, I have no skin whatsoever in the game. I am not a partisan, I'm just some guy who installed KDE on afternoon, and came away with the impression I've related here.


Sunday, January 13th 2008, 1:53am

I am very ipressed with KDE4 , developers did made great job this time...It looks polished , it looks very professional and fresh...I think we needed change from kde 3.5 or gnome , it was 90's look and feel . 3.5 and gnome looks like win 95 ( colors of dialog boxes/windows is old style) , now finaly we have something new...
Sure there are stil many things to is first version after all , it is not suposed to be perfect already...but it will be for sure after couple more releases...

Thanx KDE team for this great change and amazing future-posibilities

Best regards



Wednesday, January 16th 2008, 4:59am

RE: KDE First Impressions

I installed KDE 4.0 via opensuse and was horrified. What were these people thinking ?

Once they drop support for KDE 3.5, I'll move on to Gnome.


Thursday, January 17th 2008, 3:06pm

Nice but I'll keep my 3.x for now

Well its as they say it is .. a dot zero release. Its all shiny and stuff but not quiet there yet. For instance I couldn't find a way to change the taskbar's default thickness. I know it will be around there somewhere but not accessible -> never will be used. I have over the years come to literally hate gnome, coz it hides more than it shows. I like KDE 3.x because kControl gives me just that control. Also the Vista like theme may or may not work. I personally dont have a problem with it. I'll keep my 3.x for now and wait for 4.1 or something.



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Saturday, January 19th 2008, 9:53pm

KDE4 is more visual-frendly

I think KDE 4 may disappoint some long date KDE users for some features that were lost, transformed, replaced or still don't work.
In my case, since I am so lazy to read a help reference, it took me some time to discover that the columns feature in Dolphin. It does similar task that the tree feature in Konqueror but in a more visual-friendly way.
The tree feature allowed to be show more information about a file and more directories to be opened but you have to do much scroll work in order to see all that.
The columns allow you to open directories in more levels without clearness loss. I think it is a sample that summarize the differences between KDE 4 and 3.3.x right now: more easiness for sight but less functionality.
And after all I've said, complying with a five century's tradition in my country, I will suggest that KDE help would came with a kind of migration guide for KDE 3.5.x users, with a list of "the way you used to do that formerly" and "the way you do that now".
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Monday, January 21st 2008, 6:54am

there must be a way to get the color of the taskmanager (as no panel seen) to our likings.
all looking blue is no good at all. for tired eyes from windows xp win2k vista and what ever.
i installed this minimal so to say kde-4.0.0 in gentoo.
the screenshot corresponds only to the first screen .
all other things like control center are different.
it takes lot of study to use this new desktop. no feel of kde.
very happy with KDE