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Sunday, January 6th 2008, 8:52pm

samba kioslave not working

I've configured a samba server on two PCs (will be pc1 and pc2) in my home LAN, to share files and folders within linux and windows PCs. Since I've done all this work (not easy for me, being the first time), I've decided to use samba to connect the two linux PCs, too. Here comes the problem.

1. It shouldn't a problem of firewall, net config or samba config: communications with windows clients work and within the two linux PCs using other clients (e.g. xsmbrowser) samba works, too.
2. I have no user defined for windows share in kcontrol on both PC.
3. The two PC don't have the same samba configuration, they're slightly different. On pc1 is set to "share", on pc2 to "user".

These are the problems:
on both PC if I go to "smb:/" I see the correct workgroup, and I can open it. If I try to open the workgroup, on the first PC I switch on I can see all workgroup computers, on the second one I get a timeout while connecting to workgroup. On both PC, if I try to access to the other linux machine, I get a timeout.

I'd like to use konqueror to access samba shares, 'cause I don't like xsmbrowser. Do you have any ideas about the problem?

I'm using KDE 3.5.8 on a Debian lenny PC in both cases.