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Friday, November 14th 2008, 11:38pm

i hate to bump this thread up more (since i'm not a fan of bitter posts, which this seems to have a number of), but just wanted to say i'm truly falling in love with kde4. i made the switch at 4.0.4 and was a bit frustrated at first (lots of dolphin crashes, performance issues with nvidia cards even though this wasn't kde's fault, still frustrating...), but now on 4.1.3 and just finding it awesome and these issues are all fixed for me! and i'm finding more features/discoveries all the time - for example, i just found that the "filter" feature does exist in dolphin with kde4, i just had to go to settings to enable it (oh how i love the filter bar! i store 500+ publication pdfs on my computer in various directories and this makes sorting through a directory for key words so fast compared to windows or using find). and i remember when i discovered the little top right diagonal lines on the launch menu let you resize it as big as you want just by dragging and dropping, that was sweet enough i truly began loving the menu (especially the fast find search box!). and and cool search boxes, alt-F2 is fricken money now! the way it shows the programs is great. and of the function keystrokes, control-F12 is definitely sweeter than the show desktop on kde3 was for me (and now in kde4 they have both if you like one better), the kde3 one i remember always behaved funny where things would maximize like crazy after using it, i read on a forum they had to make it using some hacks basically, since they didn't have plasma on kde3... and finally, native kde4 apps are coming! not that it really matters that much, since the kd3 ones still work, but i just like the look/feel of kde4 native better, so it's great to be using kopete native on it now. and this will just get better, with amarok2 around the corner, a native kde4 network manager soon (that will be nice!), hopefully kaffiene - although i don't find myself caring as much about kaffiene, because dragon player has really gotten quite good. oh, there's another improvement compared to kde3- streaming movies over the network. i could neverget this to work right in kde3, the kioslaves for samba were messed up or something (i posted once and i guess Suse users maybe had it working, but it didn't work right on kubuntu) but hey, now it does! at least over samba- i tried streaming movies over my LAN using sftp and it kinda worked, but not great, skipped a bit and seaking wasn't working, but hey that's kinda above and beyond the call of duty considering i don't know of any apps (linux or windows) that let me stream a movie over an ssh connection, so the fact it worked at all was cool.

anyway, there's my rant! i continue to look forward to the sweet new features and porting of those final kde3 apps, and of course the more awesome development that is happening! THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE WORKED ON KDE4, YOU ROCK!

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Wednesday, December 3rd 2008, 11:19pm

kde4 and so much is missing

[TTGUY] Have installed KDE 4.1.3 from opensuse factory

now we can have 3 different desktops : Desktop as kde4 is normaly , Plain Desktop without the toolbox that thing in de righthand top corner , Folder View your desktop looking like kde3

normaly no way

Plain i think is the best way and put your desktop icon in the screen

Folderview here you cant logout or leave with rightmouse-click you have to logout and so on with the widget in the panel at the righthandsite, or in the menu ( feels like windows then)

Dolphin is not useable so i use Krusader.

Open a map with animated avitars in Krusader you can choose what program will display it
there is no Kde4 program todo so.
You have to use Gthumbs
no problem when you use Gimp you can instal Gthumbs next to it without the hole Gnome

And i have to say its is working now for 60% the other 40% is not there yet if it will ever come.
with the Nvidia driver 180.06 a beta driver the desktop effects are working sort of
at least the spinning sphere is working and transparant

The panel still not completele transparant

Some times changes are not recorded and after a reboot you have to do it again

So stable is a word kde4 is missing

See the list with changes in Opensuse 11.1 and what i run now
i pass Opensuse 11.1 and wait for a release with kde4.3 or kde4.4 at least a stabble kde4 release

Goodluck to all of you in this forum and Keep using KDE3.

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Saturday, December 27th 2008, 6:02pm

after much thought i decided to do opensuse 11.1

Downloaded and installes opensuse 11.1
both kde 3 and kde 4

Must say a number off faults are gone in kde4 so i installed kde4 4.2 beta

Now we are speaking off a new KDE version KDE4
its coming together now :P

With the Glassified theme you get transparant panel if all the Desktop Effects are on nvidia 180.18
Install every thing you can think off kde3 kde4 xfce gnome py

use Emesene for chat program (msn)

Gkrellm for control on temp/fan disk processors

All together a release i can live with

to use you webcam progs change the menu setting

on the Command line : cheese

change it to LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libv4l/ cheese

the same for wxcam camorama cheese vlc

the last one vlc can play audio cd's with extended titles. as KsCD wont work

More is following

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Sunday, January 4th 2009, 3:23pm

after much thought i decided to do opensuse 11.1 folow up 1

The webcams work / dont work it is not stable

so I installed kernel with gspca1 driver webcam problem solved

sound is great now deleted puls-audio completely

You have to play around with /etc/sysconfig/network/config
it's different from 11.0


now edit /etc/resolv.conf with your nameservers
i use 'opendns' cause my provider is to slow
also in resolv.conf.netconfig
now the network is up within no time

VLC-beta can play audiocd with titels in the playlist
It also can make streaming video from you webcam

More is following



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Friday, January 9th 2009, 12:04am

after much thought i decided to do opensuse 11.1 folow up 2

Back to kernel

Sold the webcams
Have now the Logitech Quickcam Comminicate MP/S5500
Runs on the uvcvideo driver v4l2 which is onboard opensuse 11.1
on is the latest driver for download

Only up to now VLC media player gives a picture/steaming video > avi snapshot etc and plays cd's
and Luvcview same possebilitys as VLC
Amsn can use the webcam

No other program for webcams wil work they all give a black screen

With the kernel internet seems quicker.
pages load in less time

One problem with sound in Kmix you cant open the sound for the webcam.

Upgraded Kde4 to

(KDE 4.1.87 (KDE 4.2 >= 20090101)) "release 3.1"

More is following


Friday, July 17th 2009, 2:32am

RE: KDE4 - the great disappointment

I've been using KDE v4.2.2 for about a week now.
I'll be frank, it's repulsive!
I'd thought the new plasma widgets and add ons and functionality would allow for some decent gui customization and some real productivity gains.

No such luck.

It would seem those placed in charge of GUI development are acting like a bunch of no talent adolescents each looking to make a name for themselves as being the "creators" of some new feature; the result is a hodge podge of dreck that doesn't bear mentioning. I'm switching to XFCE immediately, I can't navigate, my copy dialoge is F'ed up (I know the fix i've administered it, it still "looks" like dreck) {I mean really, who screws with a copy dialogue?} , I'm still missing icons for standard widgets in the system tray like the UPS and eth0 status, the "control panel" revision makes the TEXT files a more user friendly alternative. Worthless. some of the sub projects should be continued but in my opinion the entire KDE 4 project with plasma should be annulled. Every time I move a widget i get these graphical artifacts like I'm dealing with MS windows 2.0. pathetic.

Some parts of KDE = good, but those were hold overs from the 3.x version. this latest piece keeps only the good of 3.x that it has to and still be called a window manager, adds graphics glitches, mysterious desktop vomit, changes short cuts, makes inoperative many valuable applications without any attendant gain in functionality with huge additions of bugs.

I'm saying fairwell to kde forever.


Friday, November 13th 2009, 1:30pm

KDE 4.x Bye Bye for ever from my desktop and laptop

I am so dissapointed with the overload of features that came with KDE4 which didnt do any good to improvement of usability or stability or work flow! In short I was much happier with KDE3.5 than with KDE4.x!

I did give it a fair chance, I was so happy when 4.2 came out, tried that too! Then recently 4.3 that came with Ubuntu 9.10. No luck, it has forced me to make such a drastic change to my opinion of KDE and the people behind it. I am having to love and adore GNOME, which I used to hate a few months ago!

I am still happy to try out any major revisions to KDE, but not till I am convinced that the designers and developers of KDE have realised and learned from mistakes of KDE4!


Sunday, December 6th 2009, 10:50am

RE: KDE 4.x Bye Bye for ever from my desktop and laptop

I did give it a fair chance, I was so happy when 4.2 came out, tried that too! Then recently 4.3 that came with Ubuntu 9.10. No luck, it has forced me to make such a drastic change to my opinion of KDE and the people behind it. I am having to love and adore GNOME, which I used to hate a few months ago!
I'm in the same boat. The developers don't want to hear it. Their response seems to be that it's free and being free and sucking is a great thing. They do it all the time in Europe. And if you paid them money then it would suck less, depending on how much you paid them.

I'd like to pay them to not work on KDE4. I'd like to pay them to work on KDE 3. But apparently, that's not an option. I've been using KDE4 for the last year. It sucks. If any of you are BMW fans, then you will know what the iDrive is. KDE4 is the iDrive of Linux. Hurdling around a corner at 80 mpg, and you have to go 10 iDrive layers deep to do something the stick-shift solved 100 years ago.

I also don't like bumping bitter threads, but this isn't bitter. This is a discussion about how much KDE4 sucks and has become as useless a cucumber at an old folks home. What is bitter is when nobody cares. Which is coming soon, don't you worry. When your user base sounds like the vacuum of space itself- that's when you can call it bitter.

So yes, it is free. And yes, lots of misguided dooftards spent countless hours making 'ln -s $i' as complicated as possible just because. But free doesn't mean useful. For instance, stepping in a steaming pile of chiwawa crap is free. But not helpful in any way.

And I would go into all of what's broken. But all they have to do is google "kde4 sucks" and they'll get my list from any number of ungrateful bastards. No sense in me wasting any more time. It's all there.

So in short, I agree with you. And no I'm not bitter. I'm just 3 minutes from cutting bait. Nothing bitter about it. Enjoy the silence.


Saturday, February 20th 2010, 4:56pm

I am not sure this thread is till alive but has sub line closest to my feedback.

I am a happy user of openSUSE with KDE for quite a few years.

I think click-on conveninces is a good idea. Having to write scripts and filling in data or running configure, make,
make clean are not the things the average user wants. But there is a fine line between convenience and dumbing
down. Mac until OS X seemed catering to intelligent user. With cooperation with that office suite of that
dreaded OS they have become both vulnerable to virus but also progressed towards dumbing down.

Agree with previous contributors that the KDE4 menu is a disappointment.

The other general gripe I also posted elsewhere is as follows :
Good old KDE 3 had tremendous integration of desktop, file browser and internet browser.
One could drag and drop between these. It was a great utility, not always available
even on pioneering desktop OS's.

With KDE4 all that has broken down. A suggestion : Please have one widget back
which effectively provides above spoken functionalities -- desktop is just one more
file and one should be able to upload a file by dragging and dropping it into
konqueror upload dialogue. Is Dolphin planned to reach those levels of functionality?

Plasma may be Picasso to the tradition bound perspective of kde3 but good old
perspective will never lose its utility. Think about it the printed book has enduring
features which we will only try to repeat in latest book reading software. Nothing
still compares with leafing through a book.


Friday, August 23rd 2013, 4:06am

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