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Friday, July 27th 2007, 11:36pm

can't restart xserver from the KDM login screen

Hi all,

that happens generally after a reinstall of Kubuntu. Just after I've installed my ATI proprietary drivers and have rebooted a couple of times, I find it impossible to restart xsever from the login screen. Log out and restart work fine from the desktop, restart works fine from the login screen, but I get a black screen if I try to restart xserver from KDM. I read in many threads that it was posible to hit ctrl-alt-F2 and either reconfigure xorg.conf or/and type startx, but that's ok in case of a crash to a black screen that offers a blinking cursor. And in my case that's not the case. Just a frozen black screen. My only way out is to turn off the PC manually. Thanks for your help.