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Thursday, July 5th 2007, 10:53pm

2 monitor hotkey problem

I run kde window manager with 2 monitors.

There are 2 window managers running.
- one with display "0:0"
- another with display "0.1"

I set up the hot keys and they are visible
in both control centers but the hotkeys
only work on the first window manager.

Only the hotkeys for "commands" are
not working on the 2nd window manager.

The other hotkeys for like minimizing windows,
closing windows etc work in both.

Just the hotkey commands do not work for
bringing up applications.

Any ideas ?

When I switch to having one window manager run for both monitors ( where you can drag windows between the screens ) all the hot keys work. In this case there is only 1 taskbar ( not two ).

Any thoughts ?




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Wednesday, January 9th 2008, 8:47pm

RE: 2 monitor hotkey problem

I have the somewhat the same problem. Some shortcuts only work on 0:0, some only on 0:1 and there might be some that work on both. Killing one of the khotkeys-processes doesn't work.

Isn't there some way to configure the second window manager instance of KDE in a way it doesn't start a second khotkeys-process?