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Monday, June 25th 2007, 7:15pm

KMail Inbox has (0 + 2) beside it

I received 2 emails from the same person and no other emails at the same mail check, so it is probably something about their yahoo configuration. BUt...

Beside the INBOX where it usually tells you how many new messages...?... there is an addition number separated from the Unread Msg Number like this:

Inbox (0 + 2)

What *is* the "2" for and what is it refering to, and how in the heck do I get rid of it?!?

I have read all of the KMail Notes and find nothing about it...

I can supply a copy of all the message header info if needed.

Please help.



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Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 1:46pm

RE: KMail Inbox has (0 + 2) beside it

The +2 indicates that there are 2 unread messages in the subfolders of your inbox. Expand the subfolder list and the extra number will disappear.
Bram Schoenmakers
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Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 6:47pm

RE: KMail Inbox has (0 + 2) beside it


Originally posted by bram85
The +2 indicates that there are 2 unread messages in the subfolders of your inbox. Expand the subfolder list and the extra number will disappear.

NOTE: You can forget about all the rest of this message at the bottom between "* * *"'s ... I composed it before I tried just *one* more thing!

Here's the fix...

OK. My first try at creating a folder for the email of a friend of mine failed! At least I thought it did because it should have been under the INBOX. Yet, the Inbox did NOT have an icon change indicating that there was/were more folders under it, and *still* does not have the collapsable icon!


I just tried moving *all* of the messages in the INBOX to the Trash folder to see what happened... maybe it would take the 2 'hidden' messages with it. But, alas, no such luck.

Then when I tried to move those messages *back* to the INBOX, I used the mouse cursor to Drag & Drop them and when I "hovered" over the INBOX with the mouse pointer, BINGO! There popped up the folder for Malcolm which I had tried to create under the INBOX and thought I had failed!

Now, his messages are in the *other* folder I created for him OUTSIDE of the Inbox, and all the previous messages that I had moved from the Inbox to the Trash folder are still in the Inbox where I moved them back to... and I simply deleted the *first*, but failed, Malcolm folder from under the Inbox! All is well.

I still don't know *why* the first folder for Malcolm would NOT show up under the Inbox! You would think that expand all threads would have caused it to show up... but, it never did. Clicking on the INBOX folder icon did NOT cause it to expand, either. But, at last I found a way to make it expand!

Anyway, the problem is solved, now.

It just took dragging and dropping the other messages over the problem folder to cause the 'hidden' folder to finally appear!

Thank you... sorry that I didn't try the D&D trick before posting to the forum. Next time I will wait one day and see if I can think of some other trick before wasting anybody's time.

Thank you, very much.


* * * Previous Reply to this message, NOT deleted because someone else might be having this same problem.

But... that is the problem. There are NO subfolders under the Inbox... even if there where the command for "Next" would go find the message, wouldn't it? There is NO way to get to any more messages that the ALT+U+N will take me to, see? IOW, I used that command and when *all* visible messages ARE read, it still show that there are 2 more... but, the ALT+U+N *should* take me to them, even if they are in a subdirectory/folder, right? But, it goes nowhere because there really are NOT any more messages, OR subfolders.

It is as if there was some strange attachment to the messages that came in that is acting as if they are *additional* messages.. but "invisible"!

It's maddening! To say the least. :}

Would it help if I Cut & Paste the full headers in here for you? They are a little lengthy, but I will post them if needs be.

Thank you.
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