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Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 10:07pm


Before i get blasted for asking this question (and if it already exist) - i searched the forums.

I have a PHP script that creates everything needed to get a remote desktop going in the java VncViewer.
Everything is working fine except for the last part.

The last part of the "script" is to call on Konqueror. I did finally figure out how to surpress the messages in the console so the PHP could continue without hanging when started

Source code

konqueror https://localhost/ </dev/null &>/tmp/wwwrun-vnc/text$pid_ident -display :$pid_ident &

Now, all the processes are run as wwwrun ( i know, not good ) and everything starts, but i get this error message :

cannot read network list kde from /root/.DCOP-XXX
...when i log into the remote desktop.

The thing is, it's being run as wwwrun - and if i log into the normal desktop as wwwrun, it all works fine.

If i send Konqueror to the disaply

Source code

konqueror -geometry 800x600-0-0 -display :2

It works fine. But if i run the command above in the php script, it seems to want the /root/.DCOP-XX information.

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced.

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Thursday, May 31st 2007, 3:42am

After looking at it from a different angle, i figured out the problem.
I was doing the commands like this:

PHP Source code

$run_homeshell_exec("export HOME=/var/lib/wwwrun");
$run_kdehomeshell_exec("export KDEHOME=/var/lib/wwwrun/.kde");
$run_kde shell_exec("konqueror https://localhost/ </dev/null &>/tmp/text$pid_ident -display :$pid_ident -geometry 800x600-0-0 &");

If you haven't noticed, when i use

PHP Source code

and export the home variables, i am doing it for EACH of the shells i just created! :rolleyes:

So, when i realized that, i wrote it as such:

PHP Source code

$run_kde shell_exec("export HOME=/var/lib/wwwrun; export KDEHOME=/var/lib/wwwrun/.kde; export DISPLAY=localhost:$pid_ident; konqueror https://localhost/ </dev/null &>/tmp/text$pid_ident -display :$pid_ident -geometry 800x600-0-0 &");

It all works as expected now. :-)