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Monday, May 21st 2007, 8:50pm

Hierarchical Contacts in Kontact?

Is there a way to organize contacts in a hierarchical structure?

A couple of example scenarios:
- Among personal contacts, I would like to establish a primary individual contact who is the head of a household, where I record common information one time (address, home phone number), then create subordinate contacts (for the wife and each child) that contains unique information for each contact (birthday, cell phone number).
- Among business contacts, I would create one company contact with subordinate contacts for individual employees.

Prospective solutions:
- Sub-contacts, similar to To-do's and Sub-to-do's (doesn't appear to exist; would suggest as a future release feature)
- Attachments in contacts - Can contacts have attachments? Is it possible to embed one contact as an attachment into another?
- Sort on custom fields - Is it possible to do this? I've even tried using a user-defined field for storing key data that would allow me to sort all the "family" records together, but then couldn't find a way to sort the view on custom fields.
- ? (open to other suggestions).

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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