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Friday, May 18th 2007, 10:44pm

Internet Connectivity Configuration Issues

Good Day . . .

I loaded this question into the Debian Forum but three other messages on this subject have gone unanswered so I'll try here.

I just loaded Debian 4.0 - KDE and after some days of trying I am unable, by default, to connect to the Internet.

I want to operate without any network managers since I only have one connection.

With KNetworkManager / network-manager loaded, the default is a wireless network setting but I do not have any wireless network components. After boot I am forced to manually go into the system tray icon and click 'wired network' then I have a connection.

This option does not seem to have a way of changing the default network.

Without KNetworkManager / network-manager loaded I did not have any connection.

Any suggestions?

I have looked through /etc/network but I do not see any helpful configuration files.


Friday, May 18th 2007, 10:58pm

dunno about debian, but on suse you can choose between networkmanager and the traditional ifup/ifdown network settings.

Dunno how this switch is made, but perhaps you can look into the old fashion way of connecting to the internet with debian.
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