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Friday, May 18th 2007, 6:37pm

Kmail and wmv

I posted, under this heading,(only "Kmail" on the Kubuntu forum) this question to both the Kubuntu forum and the Ubuntu forum. One reply said that the ISP was to blame.
Perhaps you can confirm?

Absolute Beginner Talk (Ubuntu)

My son sometimes sends me an email which has been forwarded to him and to many other people.
It is supposed to have an attachment(wmv) but all I receive is a huge amount to capital letters and numerals.
He, and his gaming friends, use Windows and when I tell him that I am unable to read these emails he makes nasty comments about Linux.
I have just forwarded his latest email to my hotmail account and then used an XP computer to access it. There was no attachment.
Is this my ISP or Kmail that is doing this?

Subsequently I asked my son to post the email to my hotmail account and I was able to access it using Kubuntu and the firefox browser.
I spoke to my ISP (cogeco).
They asked me to forward the email from Hotmail to a friend who also uses cogeco. I did and he was able to view it using XP.
They then asked me to forward it from my Hotmail account to my cogeco account (first having shut down Kmail) and see if I could access it using their webmail system (
I was not able to view it(using Kubuntu and firefox) (it said there was only 2 bits in the attachment).
They then asked me to go to my friend and use his XP computer to access my cogeco webmail .
I could not; it said the attachment was only 2 bits.

Any help or explanation would be great

A specific question:
Is Kmail able to receive and allow me to view wmv videos?



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Friday, May 18th 2007, 9:43pm

I think it is a mimetype issue in first case. After that it should be a problem with attachment itself. I don't use kmail myself, but opera built-in mail on linux. If you like, I can do an experiment, contact me via PM.


Friday, May 18th 2007, 11:06pm


It is supposed to have an attachment(wmv) but all I receive is a huge amount to capital letters and numerals.

You see them inline in kmail? Or does kmail open an editor (e.g. kwrite/kate) showing this?

In either way, you should be able to open/save the attachement by right clicking on its icon/entry in kmail.
if you can't see the attachement itself, change the viewing options under [view ->attachements -> as icons]
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Saturday, May 19th 2007, 1:19am

kmail and wmv

Thanks for the instantaneous reponses!
I have changed ISP; from cable to dsl.
Their(dsl) webmail works as well as hotmail; so that solved one problem.
I do not open with kate or any editor.
I like Opera as a browser but have got used to Kmail
To Both
I will try changing the viewing options.
Many thanks for the super-service

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